How Long?

Tell me, Mother... lest I be wrong
And they laugh at me... how long is long?
Is it as long as from here to a star
Or from here to Nana’s house... that far?
Is it as long as the time till when
Christmas comes at Nana’s again?
As long as it takes to grow the corn
For the baby lambs in Nana’s barn?
As long as those long, long, dreamy hours
The butterflies dance in her bluebell flowers?
I told about Nana at church today,
And someone in passing said she was away.
“On a long trip,” he said. But that must be wrong,
So I’m asking you, Mother, how long is long,
Cuz aren’t we going to Nana’s house soon?
Like we do every summer? It’s already June.
If we did, I’d ask the lamb if he knew
Cuz the lamb tells me stuff... or used to do
A few years ago when he was a kid...
Though not so much maybe now as he did.
Lambs stop telling, I guess, when they grow,
But I’ll tell you one thing, Mother, I know.
You were gone once, and it made me sad.
Remember? And when you came home, I was glad?
So Nana’s away now... but that’s OK,
Cuz she’ll have to be home for Thanksgiving Day.