Hide and Seek

To ghosts and shades
And corpses,
The gates are open wide
To mansions
In the sky
No man alive
May see inside.
How savvy of the Savior,
How expert at the game,
To promise all
And leave no trace
Except a spotless name
And lessons of a
Promised Land,
A covenant of
War and sand.
O, Hidden Light,
In darkness quite
We seek a
Being’s birthright...
As water
In a wasteland,
A nomad or a
But mute
He dwells
In citadels
Of silent centuries,
Too firm for faith
Beyond epiphanies,
Redoubts of doubt, and
Much too strong,
His reappearance’s delay
Already epochs long.
And the mansions
All stand empty,
And the dead and
Martyred stay
Upon a
Second coming
In burning
Collared agents
From His pulpits,
Superior, aloof,
Iterate the paradox,
Its prooflessness
Its proof,
With threats of
Fiery agonies
He pledges us
To quench,
And promises of
Light-years to
Bribe our
Frightened inch.
“Don’t seek!
Submit! Repent! Believe!
Have faith until you die!”
Like atomic ayatollahs
Chanting, “Trust!
Don’t verify.”