An occurrence
an event
a loss or a gap,
a misfortunate
moment, a thing
unexpected, a hap.
Yes, life is
whatever you do,
but sometimes
happy haps
happen too,
or perhaps a
happy medium,
neither sweet
nor sour.
There’s also
happy hunting
and later
happy hour.
A hapless chap’s
a pathetic cur.
A chapel of
might make him
And by happenstance,
happy or unhappy
hidden haps
may happen.
“Each apple”
has a hidden hap,
and I’ve heard tell
“fresh apricots,”
“chapped lips,” and
“Omaha pork chops”
do, as well.
“Each appendicitis”
is an unhappy hap,
and “stylish apparel”
is a happy hap.
You can’t escape
that happy spells
take any shape.
So have a
“scotch aperitif” on me,
and may all your haps
hap hap happy be.