Greek Tragedy

A system said to be the worst
Except for all the rest
May pass for recommended,
Though it’s faint praise at best.

And when “the rest” are all defeated
And their walls are taken down
And the system joked to be the worst
Is the only game in town,

The spoils of victory may be sweet,
But the victor ought to pause
And think about that system
Boasted best despite its flaws.

But that takes introspection,
And a winner never thinks
His system’s weaknesses are real.
A victory comes from strengths,

Which, unopposed, now have free rein.
Strength or flaw... it’s all one virtue,
And the victor’s conscience doubles down.
Your virtues cannot hurt you.

He’s forgotten his Greek Tragedy
Where the hero ends in hell,
Not from weaknesses ignored,
But strengths performed too well.