The golf before
this round is done
is harder than a
From the driver
to the putter,
from the fairway
to the green
are rough
and bunker
trap and water
and divots
in between.
Mull again
the hazards
before you
tee it up;
wood and iron,
wedge and chip
before the flag
and cup.
Many strokes
beyond the bogie,
many snowmen
before par,
You may dream
you’re Tiger Woods;
a duffer’s what
you are.
Match play,
stroke play,
best ball,
don’t forget
that your
game stinks
before you bet.
You’re in the weeds.
You’re in the trees.
You’re out of bounds.
You’re wet.
It’s a game
of shame...
gimmes aside...
loss of dignity
and pride,
a game beyond
your skill
or scope.
But c’est la vie,
another tee.
Keep your
head down
and hope.