Getting Ready For Bed

One of childhood’s special glories
Was my father’s bedtime stories,
Myth, sailing ship, and quest.
I climb the stairs. I get undressed.

In dorms, fraternities, et al.
The gang shower and the toilet stall.
In school, vocation, long career
Each nightfall in the bathroom mirror,

Where’er I be in time or place,
I face myself. I wash the face.
Life’s a game of pitch-and-toss
But must have rules, and so ... I floss.

A wife, four sons, a job, and since
I need a smile, I brush and rinse.
Mortgage, health directives, wills,
Bitter or not, I take my pills.

Thermostat: I must stay warm.
Bedside clock: set the alarm.
I pray the Lord my sons to keep, and
Now I lay me down to sleep.