Form Over Content

FORM supports CONTENT! We learned it in school.
Nature and art rely on a balance,
And when old age makes a poet a fool,
Emptied of CONTENT and bankrupt of talents,
He still has English and maybe some time,
And a familiar old FORM to put on it,
Octet and sestet and meter and rhyme,
And FORM can still fashion
sort of a sonnet.
But one with CONTENT, some pie-in-the-skyer,
Without any FORM or grammatical logic,
Whose "wings take dream" "to make the pie higher,"
Might appear comic, if it wasn't tragic,
A FORMless catastrophe, chaos, and more!
He might even "misunderestimate" WAR.

         "Families is where our nation finds hope, where our wings take dream." -Dubya

         "Sure I cut taxes at the top. We stand for growth. We ought to make the pie higher." -Dubya

         "They misunderestimate me." -Dubya