Upon learning that bow and violin strings are made of
horse hair and cat gut

Said the Horse Hair to the G-string,
"I come from a horse pa-toot."
Said she, "It's all the same to me.
I'm just a pussy gut."
"But I'm plucked from the tail of a sway-back mare.
It's a lowly site to see."
"You animal," said tremulous G-string,
"It's no better a tail for me."
Said the Horse Hair, "Then would you mind if I...
If I stroked"
"Stroke on, you stroker," said G-string,
"Let us do and do and do."
So he stroked her gently, and she sang with delight,
And they made Paganini all through the night.
And all the next morning, and all the next day,
They made sweet Sibelius, Brahms and Bizet.