for Dr. Mohiba Tareen, our dermatologist

Need a first rate diagnosis
For that bleeding keratosis?

Before you go on that vacation,
Should you consider Dermabrasion?

Is it time you shed your biases
On keloids, acne, and psoriasis?

Don’t you want the painful truth
Of hazards in the tanning booth?

Then meet the Dermus Epi-Queen!
Meet Doctor Mohiba Tareen!

She's earned the most advanced diplomas
For curing nasty melanomas,

And in the cancer world she's famous
For fighting basal cell and squamous.

Our rugged Minnesota seasons
Cause all sorts of leprous lesions.

Spring allergies bring purple splotches,
Hives, prickly heat, and blotches,

Summer scratches, stings, and bites
From spiders, insects, tics, and mites,

And winter cold that cracks and crinkles,
Ages, coarsens, weathers, wrinkles.

But have no fear! The neat surprise is
Doctor Tareen moisturizes

With a line of soothing potions
Sweet elixirs, creams, and lotions.

And she's really sympathetic
If your skin needs are cosmetic.

She can deal with any sort
Of eczema, rosacea, wart,

Fungus, peel, or chin reduction,
Mole, rash, face lift, lipo-suction.

A bit of botox, a little collagen,
And you can be that teenage doll again.

Forget mascara, rouge, and powder.
She beats the pants off Estee Lauder!

O, what a precious thing, your skin!
So feeling, delicate, and thin,

The only shield twixt you and strangers
And a host of micro-dangers.

Do not neglect this unsung buffer
And the insults it must suffer.

What sacrifices! For you, what portion
The arrows of outrageous fortune!

And though great LOVE may be eternal,
Can’t just a little love be dermal?

In this, what better love could be
Than sweet, wise Dermatology?

Then search as you may, from East to West,
Tareen Dermatology's the best.