East and West, All's for the Best,
The Death and Organ Failure Test.

Over Easy, Lost at Sea,
Sap, Rock, Acorn, Busy Bee.

Errand, Eff Word, Seaside, Gold,
Last Love, How to Tell You're Old.

All Art Is, Free Verse, Fiddle-Dee-Dee,
My Day at School, To Poetry.

Obama-Lama-Ding-Dong, Shoe,
Super Seller, Vetting Zoo.

Half a Cow, Then and Only Then,
Aurora, Cats, The Fine Red Hen.

Christmas, Crocus, Schrodinger's Cat,
Knicker Nicker, Raison D'etre.

Retirement Sonnet, Raveling Man,
I Hear Dogs, The Bread Fruit Clan.

In Defense of America, Worm,
Zamboni, How to Write a Pome.

Dogsbody, Dominion, Doubters,
Dilemma, Dancer, Roy Rogers.

Astaire and Powell, Innocence,
Adam, The Next Abstinence.

Warm Springs, Triolets on Source,
Twits, Job, Zeno, Veggieverse.

In a Pig's Eye, Warranty,
Contingent, Jogger, Emily.

The Craven, Evangelical,
Adamantine, Miracle.

Loser, Kwik Trip, Parlor, Father,
Elevator, Virgin Mother.

La Belle Dame Meets Gawain, Whiskey,
Violins, On Turning Sixty.

Too Slightly Timbered, Solstice Prayer,
Rowdy, Cricket, Woolly Bear.

Just some titles all recycled?
Hey, I wrote 'em! I'm entitled.