time counts his decades quickly
like fingers on a hand
to watch them tally left to right
is hard to comprehend

and as I do not hope or wish
to count the final thumb
yet few digits have I Ieft
before the kingdom come

the days like seconds ticked away
the years clicked by like days
calendars fell like autumn leaves
nothing stops and nothing stays

birdsong once so lyrical
is stilled too soon by crows
the daisies and the daffodils
lie deep beneath the snows

Springfield, Middletown, Elysian
brief towns along the way
Elysian’s golden fields
to left and right slip by today

death sets aside his sickle
on bony digits counts his ten
it’s nothing unexpected
but still one wonders when

his gnarled index finger
like time’s arrow points ahead
his thumb is hidden in his fist
a pop gun... BANG you’re dead