Diamond, Flower, Flint, and Wind

Diamond, Flower, Flint, and Wind
Share Being, little more.
Being is their Father,
And the Father loves all four.

Wind boasts no reputation,
Solidity or form;
Zephyr, gust, or dying breeze,
'Tis here. 'Tis here. 'Tis gone.

And silent on a stirless day,
Wind manifests its essence,
Inaudible and out of mind,
A still and empty presence.

In this nothing, still, the wind
Can teach his brothers three,
Or bright or gay or strong or proud,
What it is to Be.

Diamond, blind as it is bright,
Must learn the lessons of the night,
And fearless flint one day behold
How soon his many sparks were cold.

Fading beauty's power learns
How Being betters mettle,
How every flower that springs in May
One day must drop a petal.

And if no snow flake shares its self,
All selves are self-and-other.
Be you diamond, flower, or flint,
Still wind is your brother.