Dearest One

            for Mary

Ineffable Being,
past finite framing,
lost in the naming,
lost in the Word,
“Father, Lord, Patriarch,
Paraclete, Comforter,
Master and King,”
the dull metaphors plod...
Image sans referent,
moribund utterance,
Jesus, the barrier
poet to God.
How shall we know Him then?
Where shall we find Him?
Not among galaxies.
Not in the stars.
You are the source and
the manifestation!
Proof of the Presence is,
dearest one, yours!
Not in your Beauty
past rainbow and sunset,
nor Wisdom,
your beacon to
family and friends,
nor in your Soul
that builded o’er decades
all of your manifold virtues
Something more
has you its center,
circumference, and space...
Doubtless unnamable,
yet I will name it,
eff- the ineffable,
call it God’s Grace.