Dangling Marsupials

Watching a wombat
        eating a cumquat
        in a tree where he hung by a claw
        a twig went CRACK
        and he fell with his snack
        fracturing a paw.
Regarding a possum
        whose tail is so awesome
        and marvelously prehensile
        he lost his grip
        and sank like a ship
        snapping that tail like a pencil.
Spotting koalas
        getting comfort and solace
        on a limb snuggling close to their nannies
        the temperature soared
        the nannies got bored
        and the baby bears fell on their fannies.
A Tasmanian devil
        at home on the level
        climbed a Tasmanian shrub
        hiding stickers and spines
        in its shrubbery vines
        the devil punctured his nub.
Considering Kanga
        a wannabe wallaby
        writing sonnets of love and desire
        the poetry soared
        till he fumbled a word
        and misplaced a modifier.
Grabbing his grammar
        the sonnet did stammer
        while he parsed his participials
        till muddled and mired
        the sonnet expired
        and died among dangling marsupials.