Chickadee, Chickadee

Chickadee, chickadee,
Tiny and tame,
Why do you chatter and
Sing your own name?
What are you asking for?
What do you need?
You and the goldfinch
Ate all of my seed,
And winter is coming.
Oh, where will you feed?

Wild turkey, wild turkey,
Wild cock and hen,
So many chicks you have!
Eight, nine, or ten!
All through the summer
You stalk up and down,
Till one day in autumn
To places unknown
You fly off to winter.
Oh, where have you flown?

Red fox and gray fox
Who bark on my hill,
Where do you hide in
The sleet and the chill?
When icy weather or
Cold winter hits,
Where will you shelter
Your vixen and kits?
Who hears the foxes that bark on my hill?
Oh, bark little fox. Bark again, and I will.

Absalom, Absalom, son whom I love,
What will you do now,
My sweet child, my dove?
You’re tall and you’re strong now;
I know you must go,
But where will you be
When the winter winds blow?
I’ve not much to leave you,
My heart... prayers... this rhyme.
Oh, Absalom, think of me from time to time.