Button Button

There are button spiders and button-eye bears,
Red button mums and button-back chairs.

There are button mushrooms and button grass
And neck-to-hem buttons on a button-through dress.

You can wear bachelor buttons on your coat
Or push my buttons to get my goat.

You can buttonhole a listener or button your lip
Or button your fly... if you don't wanna zip.

If you arrive on the button, they'll think you're alert
In your button-down collar on your button-down shirt.

Buttonhooks have helped ladies dress to go out,
And a tight end can run a buttonhook route.

There's a finger on a button that blows away our foes,
But you're cute as a button with your little button nose.

In the game " Button Button" children stand in a ring;
"Button button, who's got the button?" they sing

As behind their backs from hand to hand
They pass a button as fast as they can

Till the teacher in charge of the game hollers QUIT,
And whoever is stuck with the button is IT.

It's a terrible thing to be IT in this game.
You're a loser. You're IT. It's big load of shame.

When you're IT then you're OUT, and you have to go sit;
The game teaches children it's bad to be IT.

But what should be a youngster's lifetime concern?
What's the Life lesson they most need to learn?

Who's the Hero in the journey of Life, if not YOU?
You're IT all the way. You're the Hero. That's WHO.

In the ring you may think you're just part of the crowd,
But you're IT every second, and you should be proud.

And never compare yourself to another;
There's one only YOU in the ring and no other.

Nor are there losers! Everyone's a Beginner!
If you get to the end of each day, you're a Winner.

"I'm not the very button on fortune's cap," he said.
Then, within a scene or two, Guildenstern was dead.

So ignore any teacher who dares to cry QUIT,
You are the very Button. Grab the Button! You're IT!