On NBC or CNN,
It’s always “BREAKING NEWS” again.
The BREAKING NEWS banner starts every show,
But the BREAKING NEWS broke days ago.
Give us a BREAK for goodness sake,
And learn the proper usage of “BREAK.”
There are BREAK-ins, BREAK-outs, BREAK-ups, BREAK-throughs,
And you may BREAK bread, but it’s not BREAKING NEWS.
If you BREAK a commandment, of course, you’ve sinned,
And you may BREAK your silence by BREAKING wind.
You can BREAK her nose in a fit of rage
Or BREAK a leg if you go on stage.
You may BREAK your heart or BREAK your diet.
If you BREAK the china, you may have to buy it.
Your BROKERAGE can sell you stock,
And your BROKER can put you deep in hock.
Those are the BREAKS, Babycakes;
Hit the horn and hit the BRAKES.
But if Trump tells a lie... and sure as shootin’,
He’ll lie every day... and kiss up to Putin,
And embarrass the nation, and give us the blues,
Just suck it, Blitzer! It ain’t BREAKING NEWS!