Bird Watching

Poor sparrow with a broken neck
Beneath the window on my deck,
What blue sky did you swerve to gain
Reflected in my window pane?
I hope it was a joyous vision
Though sudden, fatal... and illusion.
You reached for heaven, friend.   You dared.
And I take comfort you were spared
Slow death by owl, snake, or crow
If betimes you had to go.
Your end was unforeseen and swift;
Some argue that's a lucky gift;
Not sparrows, of course, but men explain
Foreknowing is the only pain.
Death, we know, comes for us all.
For kings he comes, for great and small.
But you, my friend, no death can harrow
For His eye is on the sparrow. *
'Tis your salvation we intone
As reassurance of our own.
Sinless bird who never fell,
Thereby spared the taunts of hell,
Are you spared too the long delays
Of second comings? Judgment days?
Stop, brain! What is it you would?
Do not tempt the Lord thy God.
But, heart! My mind's eye has forgot!
Your precious chicks! What of their lot?
Embowered warm in croft or eaves,
They wait for you among the leaves.
New hatched, unfledged, and now unfed,
Who argues these for lucky dead?
Can my failing eye foresee
If these abandoned babes will be
In glory too with you?    Somehow?
But O, what eye is on them now?

                 * Matthew 10:29 - Are not two sparrows sold
                                     for a farthing? and one of them shall
                                     not fall... without your Father.