A positron is an
antimatter electron.
Matter and antimatter
destroy each other,
yet matter could not
have been created
during the Big Bang
without its antimatter
twin. It’s like atomic
cell-division, but faster.
So what’s the matter?

The anti-diarrheal pills
are the red ones, but
if you’re constipated,
take the blue ones.
This is only mildly
related to the Big Bang.

In a dream, Billy Pilgrim
watched a movie
running backwards in
which antiaircraft guns
sucked bullets out of
airplanes and their
pilots making them
whole again. But would
those be antiaircraft
guns or anti-antiaircraft

Stormy Daniels had
sex with Trump for
money. Can you
imagine a greater

Antifa’s antimatter twin,
I suppose, would just be

An anti-Semite might
be a rabbi made of
positrons. Till then a
Palestinian will do.

And horror of horrors!
What if Dorothy flew
back to Kansas (there’s
no place like home)
only to be greeted by