(La Donna e Mobile)

The day she first returned my smile,
I thought my sins forgiven.
Such innocence and girlish youth!
I surely was in Heaven.

I sent her sonnets, which she read
Then clasped them to her bosom,
And wept for sentiment so rare,
And put them in her album.

She always let me pick the wine.
She said my taste surpassed her...
In arts and disciplines refined,
Allowed I was the master.

She sweetly laughed at all my jokes...
A laughter so beguiling...
Demurely went to meet my folks,
And won them with her smiling.

Allowing modesty a space,
And guarding her behaviour,
To modesty she added grace,
Ere granting further favor.

Then gently cradled in my arms,
Her happy face up-raising,
She sweetly opened all her charms.
Oh, glorious...amazing!

My heart sang as if born again!
"Oh, valentines and Santas!"
Then she stung me, sucked my blood,
And ate me like a mantis.