One owl was low
So the owls were all slow.
A man fought in Nam,
And the clam was calm.

If a shark harks,
A butterfly...
As a snake will sneak...
Will flutter by.

If goats wear togas,
Two dodos do doodoos.
If a dingo is doing,
Emus will too muse.

Roxy is an oryx
And Kay is a yak.
And the crab fills his crib
With bric-a-brac.

While a dog was god,
And a nit was tin,
And a rat loved art,
The badger barged in.

A gar will rag,
A tern rent, a ram mar.
An orang will groan
And a starling sling tar.

A wolf will flow,
A bear be bare,
And a rhea will listen
To hear a hare.

The mouse and the moose
Trade Os and Us,
And too many guns
Kill too many   gnus.