All God’s Creatures

The cardinal has his crimson coat.
The brown wren has her song.
The crocodile has big teeth.
A chimpanzee is strong.
The hummingbird can hover.
An owl sees in the dark.
A kite can eat a lizard.
And the meadow has its lark.
God gifted all His creatures.
Chinchillas have nice fur.
Gorillas have the muscle,
And kittens simply purr.
Rabbits breed like rabbits,
And all the birds can fly.
But all I got.. that I can see...
Is a pointed stick in the eye.

Each creature has a comfy home.
The coyote has her den.
The quail has his covey,
The water snake his fen.
The bullfrog has a lily pad,
The rat her nest... and yet
I just have this mortgage,
A stack of bills and debt.

And every creature got a song.
The robin twitters sweetly.
And as I walk across the fields,
The bluebirds always greet me.
At night the wolf sings to the moon.
The warblers are divine,
But no one pays attention
As I carp and bitch and whine.

And there’s food for every appetite.
The kudzu feeds the goats.
Cows get grass and clover.
Horses have their oats.
Pigs can dine on garbage.
Birds eat bugs and flies,
But we eschew the manna
For beer and curly fries.

And You gave us all a “helpmeet,”
A sow for every hog.
Every stallion gets a mare,
A bitch for every dog.
A tiger has his tigress,
And every ass his Jenny,
And for the biggest buck around,
Oh deer, he has too many!
The walrus has his walra.
The black sheep has his ewe.
They all do better, somehow,
Than people seem to do...
Where every lady gets a jerk
And every jerk a shrew.

You put us in Your garden
To nourish and to keep it,
To sow it and to grow it,
To harvest and to reap it,
Our Mother Earth, to save her,
To love her and renew her,
But, thanks to us, now she’s
A polluted, bloody sewer.
So, as to Eden, it’s my opinion,
You should have given
Blind worms the dominion,
And I now see the Truth
So long from me hid,
That... as a matter of fact...
You did.