What’s my thesis? This is.
You can’t beat kisses!
Away silly asses
with your analysis!
To kiss a Miss or a Mrs.
is delicious!
Begone chauvinists
with your antithesis!
No antonym exists for ‘kiss’.

Unpuckering a pucker
may miss a kiss;
or the poor sucker
just whiffs;
or if instead,
being wed,
she turns her head,
the poor sucker’s dead.

Alas, a rash pass
at a lass is brash.
If that’s antithesis,
don’t haggle with Hegel:
but a kiss and a missed kiss
needs synthesis
(unless she ducked the
pucker to dismiss the kiss,
taking or mistaking
the proffered offer
as HARassment,
a distinct
emBARrassment, a sin thesis).

My raison d’etre:
kisses exist, therefore I am;
what could be b’etre?

So if it’s a simple
synthesis of kissed Misses
and missed kisses,
(innocent Misses,
not tarts ...
don’t put whores
Descartes ...)
then these be
the syntheses parts ...
smokin’, or
broken hearts.