The Comcast tech guy rang my doorbell right on time.

“Hi, c’mon in,” I said. “Thanks for coming. My name’s Slade.”

“I’m Carl,” he said. “Have you got Wi-Fi here?”

“Wifey? You bet,” says I.

“How’s your reception?”

“Well, on and off. You know how it is. You learn to make do. Lately it’s a little touch and go to be truthful.”

“Yeah, we hear a lotta that. Been a tough winter. What’ta ya get, some break ups... a lotta static?”

“Sometimes, yeah... but mostly just silence. It’s frustrating.”

“Well, where’s she at? Let’s have a look.”

“She’s up in the bathroom right now. The TV’s here in the living room. Are you a married man, Carl?”

“No sir, single.”

Great, I thought... another unmarried marriage counselor. Seen enough of them to last me. Hope he can get us up and running for Judge Judy tonight.