He's corrupted the Department of Justice.
He ignores Intelligence.
He's muted Global Warming science.
His lap-dog’s name is Pence.

He's clearly an adulterer.
He's paid off several sex-pots.
He distances our allies
And snuggles up to despots.

He never heard of David Duke,
Skinheads, Nazis, or racists.
"Good people on both sides," he says.
"The Jews will not replace us!"

He'll pardon crooked cronies,
Flynn, Manafort, and Stone.
Mueller was a hoaxer.
The FBI are scum.

He's robbing public schooling
To pay off private schools.
He's conspiring with Moscow Mitch
To pack the courts with fools.

The funds for soldier benefits
He's stolen for his Wall.
But never mind. The Mexicans
Are paying for it all.

He hopes to kill Obama Care.
He’ll dust it off and clean it.
His plan will save the better parts,
But no one’s ever seen it.

His cabinet is dysfunctional;
The chaos is systemic.
State governors are on their own
To fight the world pandemic.

And yet he wants another term
Although his polls or sagging.
He’ll fake his way to victory
By bullying and bragging.

But we picked this flake to lead us,
Egotistic, spiteful, dumb.
Is it possible, America,
This is what we’ve all become?

If “rigged” elections go against him,
He’ll lead his planned rebellion.
His long-gun, brown-shirt yahoos wait.
Are we ready? It’s Orwellian!

August 2020