Isabella thing
You can ring?
Isadora thing
You can swing?

Rich is rich;
Penny is poor.
Lester is less;
Morris is more.

Truman is loyal.
Duke is a royal
Hunter’s a tracker.
Graham’s a cracker.

Owen is cheap.
Uriah’s a Heep.
Patty may pat you.
Oscar’s a statue

Reed is too thin.
Gordon is gin.
Sterling is silver.
Ford is a flivver.

Chandler makes candles.
Jesus wears sandals.
Holden will grab you.
Lance maybe stab you.

Horner will toot you.
Gunnar will shoot you.
Angel - good habits.
Warren - for rabbits.

Curtis is curt.
Clay is just dirt.
Rex is a king.
Robin takes wing.

Faith is religious, sober,
And kind.
Frank says exactly
What’s on his mind.

Beebee’s just Bea
With a little more “B”
And Meme’s a little more
Selfish than me.

Ben has no end.
Art has no start.
Don’t put Horace
Before the Descartes.

Grace’s goodness
Shines in her face,
But Natalie dresses
Better than Grace.

Izzy or isn’t he
Willing to Cher?
Yasser or Noah,
Let’s be Claire.

Connor will con you;
He’s such a louse!
Homer is shy and
Won’t leave the house.

Thomas is pouty
Whiny and doubty,
And Tom is peeping
WhIle momma is sleeping.

Ann married Drew
Making one out of two;
She studied drawing in college
And drew.

Kitty’s a cat
Who lies on my Matt,
Which Olive will not
But Oliver.

Georgia’s just George
With a little “a”.
Tiny Tim’s a little

My aunt Fanny
Hasn’t Manny
Hardly Annie.