On its trek from Naught to Nothing
The Universe is bound.
It’s a long and Doubtful journey
And the Universe has found

Though it’s very wise about itself
And can tell its Yang and Ying,
It knows Nothing about Nothing
And can’t tell us a thing.

So it labors on toward Nothingness
Like a blind man in a maze
Counting out its calendar
Of ignorance in days.

But I may have some lucky news
For this dumb Universe.
I’m making that same journey, and

Yes, let the dawdling Universe
Crawl at its tortoise-pace.
Though I’m just a hare-brained scribbler,

By millennia I’ll beat space/time
To that Wonderland of Naught,
And I don’t see why I shouldn’t
Report back what God hath wrought.

Though dreamless sleep may be as close
To NOTHING we know here,
An empty void profound enough
To make us quake with fear,

Still let us all remember
From each dreamless sleep we wake
To a New Day somewhat brighter
Than the one that we forsake.

And if Mornings are an inkling
Of the Sunrise we have coming,
I’ll be glad to let you know
If Naught wakens to a Dawning.

As my family blabbermouth
Who cannot keep a secret,
Once I see what Nothing is,
I’m almost bound to leak it.

What’s the big deal about Oblivion
That drives everybody nuts?
Does some Code of Silence bind me?
No! I’ll gladly spill my guts!

As I’m too dumb to fear Apocalypse
Or Raptures, here’s the deal.
If I come to Revelations,
I’ll just tear that seventh seal.

And when the scales fall from my eyes,
And I see all things Anew,
I’ll take an i-Phone picture of it
And Tweet it back it to you.