snow banks
in our cul-de-sac
soften now
and settle back

storm drains buried
in all directions
pond run-off
at our intersections

roof-melt seeps
round window casements
much of it
to end in basements

Minnesota flood-time
Ice dams drop their spears
yard and garden
turn muddy meres

roofers stop by
sensing profit
in leakage seeping
at fascia and soffit

March is dismal
dead season dying
nothing growing
nothing trying

ice waters waken
mulling a March
march to the sea

rain may return it
green hills may bloom
hope is wholesome
in the gloom

cycles cycle
sun and snow
natureís drill
of joy and woe

bless the roofers,
shovelers, plowers
bless green hills
bless spring showers

reborn waters
come back from the sky
most go on
to the sea

so many years
Iíve come back, my love,
time to set sail
for me

or my love
if youíd rather
Iíll see you

old man
winter dying
look for him
in the sky