“Guess what I just did,” says Wifey emerging from the basement.

“What’s that, Sweetie?” says I.

“I just put soap in the washing machine, lowered the lid, and turned it on without putting the clothes in. I’m losing it.”

“Oh yeah. Well, I unloaded dirty dishes from the dish washer back onto their shelves without washing them twice last week. I’m losing it more.”

“That’s funny. I usually rewash the clean ones.”

“Hey, I was watching George W. Bush speak at John Lewis’ funeral this morning. He looked old, and I thought to myself, ‘Didn’t that guy have a father that was famous for something or other.’ I honestly couldn’t remember George H.W. Bush.”

“Is EVERYTHING a competition with you? I only mentioned a silly thing I did in the laundry. I’m getting absent-minded.”

“Well, me too. I’m more absent-minded.”

“No you’re not!”

“Yes I am! I’m twice as stupid as you.”

“OK, you win.”

“What? No wait! Where are you going?”