Heir Apparent

the heir apparent,
the favorite of his
richest parent,
(the poorest parent
remorselessly divorced
in the worst
clean up
of a nasty prenup)
beat out his sister Loni
who’d gone with mommy
and was too late
for probate
at the reading of the will,
it transpired
the heir apparent perspired.
Not only his dad,
his deodorant had
And in the judge’s chambers
the ventilation also died.
So beneath his diploma
the judge fell into a coma.
The air apparent
from the heir apparent
was so abhorrent,
that when he awoke,
they heard the judge choke,
“Well, well,
is that cupidity I smell,
a nasty capacity for rapacity,
the repugnance of self-indulgence,
the mustiness of covetousness,
the reeking of self-seeking?”
Then the judge gave Loni
most of the money.
If avarice is your lust-for-gold vice,
use Old Spice.