Forever Mowing

pleasant outing
till summer’s peak
what once was once
is twice a week

gas it up and
curse the Lord
don your gloves
and pull the cord

adjust the throttle
check your watch
it’s gonna be an
hour’s march

use a basket
or let it fly?
rake it up or
let it lie?

hither and yon
across the lawn
whither thither
yon and hither

o’er dandelion
and nettle gnarly,
crab grass, clover,
creeping charlie

back and forth
south and north
forth and back
stay on track

bird bath
to peony
garden path
to apple tree

far and near
front to rear
stride for stride
side to side

turn and twist
twist and turn

nudge a tree
whang your knee
to and fro
stub your toe

curse the seeding
feeding, weeding
could be golfing
should be reading

not much fun
but when I’m done
I grab a beer
a little cheer

then I admit
in spite of it
that life is good
so if you would

pardon, Lord,
this little rant
I don’t blame You
You know I can’t

and if Life be
as seems to me
for Eternity

and Hereafter
mercy yields
even me
Elysian fields

where breezes blow
and grass is growing
forever there
I’ll go a-mowing