For the bee
She spreads a petal
For the hummingbird
A bowl

For the dragonfly
A freckle
For a moth
A mole

Tendrils tending
Toward a trellis
Taproot sent

Stamen anther
Pistil secrets
No one has
To know

Now and then
A sip of water
Is her modest

In April for your
Garden colors
And in autumn

For the sun
A disc of yellow
For the moon
A mist of spore

For peace
A nectar in a chalice
Hidden thorn
For war

For buttonhole
Sachet bouquet
She gives herself
To you

For love
Of butterfly and bee
Perfumes the
Season through

For eucharist
A Host of pollen
And a cup
Of gold

For epitaph
A summer stemmed