Periwinkle, powder, Prussian,
So many kinds of blue,
Cobalt, cerulean, sapphire,
Azure, midnight, true,
Indigo, baby, electric,
Ultramarine and steel,
Turquoise, navy, royal,
Viridian, denim, teal.
There are bluebonnet flowers.
Blue bells and violets are blue,
Tulips and chrysanthemums
And blue hydrangeas too.
Blue whales swim in oceans blue,
Blue moons in blue skies.
There are blue birds, blue jays, buntings,
And sweet blue damsel flies.
Bluefin tuna fin in seas,
And bluegills gill in lakes
I love blueberry streusel
That Wifey often bakes.
Lady Day and BB King
Sang the saddest blues,
But bluegrass music lifts you up
Like two good snorts of booze.
Blue ribbons may exalt you,
Men in blue will find you.
Bluebeard may assault you.
And strong blue cheese will bind you.
There’s Gainsborough’s Blue Boy
And, of course, there’s Little Boy Blue,
Who fell asleep
And lost his sheep,
His horn, and his haystack too.
And come what may,
I’m goin’ back some day
      Click for Roy Orbison - Blue Bayou video